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Little Paws, Big Love

Happy healthy hamsters are the heart of Vectis Hamstery. I show and breed Chinese, Syrian and Roborovski hamsters to National Hamster Council standards.

Explore Vectis Hamstery

How to Buy a Hamster

How does buying a hamster from Vectis work? What is the cost? Where do you collect?

Join the Waiting List

Most hamsters are rehomed via the waiting list. Check which lists are open, and apply to join.

The Vectis Ethos

Respect for the individual is at the core of what Vectis does. Learn more about my approach.

Discover Chinese Hamsters

Do you love Chinese hamsters?

Confused by conflicting or vague information?

Wanting to find out more?

Visit the Chinese Hamster Library!

Find out how Chinese hamsters have saved lives and sent a man to prison. What does a Chinese hamster weigh?

Research how to look after a Chinese hamster. What do you feed them? How do you handle them? Can they live in pairs?

Learn how you can keep your Chinese hamster healthy. When you need to see a vet? Read about the hot topic of diabetes.

Find out about caring for a pregnant Chinese hamster. How do pups develop? Discover what makes a show-winning Chinese hamster.

We have been lucky enough to have three Chinese Hamsters from Vectis hamstery and all have been a delight. They were quality hamsters, healthy and responsibly bred and all were friendly and tame from the moment they arrived. Highly recommended.

Owners of Dommy Bob, Boblet and Lance

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