Don’t worry, it’s not the Spanish Inquisition! 

Application Form

Don’t worry, it’s not the Spanish Inquisition!

In order to find a good match, Vectis Hamstery asks prospective new homes to complete an application form.

The form has four sections.

About You: your name and email address, whether you are over 18

About the Hamster: your preferences for your new hamster

Hamster Care: your plans for housing and feeding

Completing the Form: asks you to confirm that you understand some statements about buying a hamster from Vectis

When you have submitted the form, you will hear back within 2 weeks. This email will confirm receipt of your form, and ask for any clarification that is needed.


Vectis Hamstery is closed for rehoming until 2021

What happens next?

If you have applied for an available hamster, you can arrange collection at the end of this process. Collection of hamsters is from Southampton (Hampshire, UK) or from a hamster show that Vectis Hamstery is attending. If you wish to collect from a show, please mention this in your application form.

If you have applied for the Waiting List, you will receive a reference number. You can use this number to see where you are on the list by visiting the Waiting List page.  The reference number takes the form of a letter and a four digit number, for example C1804. This number would be someone who applied for the Chinese hamster waiting list. They were the fourth person to go on the list in 2018.

Announcements about litters are made on the Facebook page. Follow the hamsters to keep up to date! When a hamster is available, you will receive an email.

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