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Available Hamsters

Vectis Hamstery is currently closed for rehoming. Phase one of re-opening is set to start soon!

Campbell Hamsters

paw print

Beanie Babies II

Date of Birth: 11th February 2020

4 albino males

4 albino females



Roborovski Hamsters

paw print

demar I

Date of Birth: 12th November 2019

2 normal pied females

2 normal males

1 normal pied male


paw print

demar II

Date of Birth: 5th January 2020

1 normal pied female




paw print

demar III

Date of Birth: 26th January 2020

2 blue pied females

1 normal pied female

2 blue pied males

2 normal males

paw print


Date of Birth: 27th May 2020

Ready for rehoming from 1st July 2020




Chinese Hamsters

No Chinese hamsters are currently ready for rehoming.


Syrian Hamsters

No Syrian hamsters are currently ready for rehoming.

The Vectis ethos holds the health and happiness of the hamsters at heart. As a result, young hamsters are handled regularly. They experience a variety of sounds, surfaces and situations as part of their comprehensive socialisation.

New owners receive a digital rehoming pack which contains:

  • a pedigree,
  • a birth certificate,
  • a care leaflet,
  • a rehoming agreement,
  • a copy of the socialisation plan for that individual hamster. This plan includes information about their handling, growth, and any health testing.

To learn more about Vectis Hamstery, visit the about page.

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