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10 Days of Treatment

30 June, 2019

Sybbie is doing really well with her blood sugar testing. 

The new machine works on half the amount of blood of the old one so it’s much easier to get a sample. It also connects to my phone and records the readings straight into an app. Very smart!

The readings have been a bit up and down so far. On two days the readings were below the level the vet set, therefore it wasn’t safe to administer the insulin. Thank goodness I was testing otherwise Sybbie could have had hypoglycaemia which can be fatal. She has a pot of honey next to her tank in case of hypos.

We’ve got a trip to the vet booked this week to review her levels and dose, and make a plan from there.

Old machine: Accord performa nano

Comparison of test strips

New machine: Dario

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