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Christmas Presents for Hamsters

hamsters christmas presents
11 December, 2016

So, what are you getting your hammies for Christmas? The pet shops are full of festive toys and treats for our small furries and it’s tempting to spend a small fortune. There are, however, much cheaper options and even free ones that hammies enjoy just as much as the expensive stuff. After all, not everyone is able to spend tens of pounds on their small furries’ presents, especially when the hammies themselves will probably like the boxes more!



Some of the Vectis hammies (and the Vectis human) did a display at the Bursledon Brickworks recently and we had a section on presents for hamsters. This involved me having fun with non-toxic glue, cardboard and lolly sticks!

All of the toys were cheap or free (in the case of the cardboard castle) to make. I’ve tried them out with my litter of 3 week old Syrian hamster pups who confirm they were fun to play with.

I found the book ‘Homemade for Hamsters’ helpful in giving me ideas.


The bonus of homemade toys is that you can make them to suit the size of your hamster.  Burrowing boxes in the shop are usually too small for Syrian hamsters, but if you make one from cardboard then you can make it as large as you need.

Some of the things I made are:

  • hamster agility set
  • small castle
  • burrow box
  • platform
  • house and food bowl/sand bath
  • crackers
  • play pen

For me, most of the toys are for use under supervision in the playpen; I’m a little uncomfortable with putting items held together by even non-toxic glue in the hamster cages for them to chew. Also it means even more hammies here get to enjoy my creations!


The hamsters were also pleased at my recent find in Poundland – tealight holders that were perfectly sized for dwarf hamster houses (and much better ventilated than ceramic houses sold specifically for hamsters).


So, what are the Vectis hammies having for Christmas?


Yes! I’ve made a stack of crackers filled with hammy herbs, a hazelnut and an Antos chew. I didn’t put cardboard tubes in mine as I didn’t have enough to stretch round 50 hams, but if you do and have a Syrian hamster don’t forget to slit the tube lengthwise (your hammy doesn’t want a cardboard corset for Christmas 😉 )

Hammy Christmas!


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