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Industrial Hamster Education!

22 June, 2016

On the day after the Andover show, the hamsters and I were out and about again. We went with Doric Hamstery to the Bursledon Brickwork Museum in Hampshire to put on an educational display on behalf of the Southern Hamster Club. The day’s theme was a country fair so the hamsters had been invited to add some small and furry cuteness.

We had a lovely large space indoors to fill with educational material and hamsters to stroke. Our stand had leaflets, examples of different substrates and treats, as well as information about the Club and hamster showing. I took along some of the rosettes and trophies my little ones have won which youngsters found attractive!

The hamsters were the star of the stand of course. We had a family group of Roborovskis, a pair of Campbell’s, a Winter White, several Chinese, and lots of Syrians in different fur types, lengths and colours. We took a lot of  hammies so that some could be resting at the back of the stand between outings. That way no-one gets overly tired.

As well as holding the hammies for people to stroke, we answered many questions. We listened to a lot of tales of people’s much loved pets, some who had long passed away.

This was the first time we’d been asked to attend this venue and I’m pleased to say we’ve been invited back. Who knew that bricks and hamsters were such a good combination?


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