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Insulin Update

Hamster in pocket
3 November, 2019

Sybbie has been on insulin for four months, and we’ve got into a routine. Every evening she comes our for her tail prick blood test then sits on her towel for the injection. After that is over, she gets to sit on my shoulder or in my hair while I tidy away and check her home. This is her favourite bit!

She had a break from her insulin for a few weeks in August/September while I was away. The testing and the insulin administration isn’t something that is easy for others to do. For Sybbie, I am using the insulin to try and prevent longer term complications through loweing glucose levels. She can manage without the injections but she drinks a lot more water and needs cleaning out a lot more often.

Sybbie visited the vet this week for a check up. She got a new insulin vial because they only last a month after opening. 

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