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Make Your Own Great Value Hamster Present

hamster present
12 December, 2019

Maybe you like to know exactly what’s going into your hamster’s cage.

Perhaps you don’t like supporting big chains or shops that sell animals.

Or, like me, you might find bought toys costly.

Here’s something for those who like to Do-It-Yourself!

Create a Custom Reindeer Treat Tube!

The things you’ll need to make the treat tube are:


Cardboard tube 


Natural twine


Brown paper


Treats and nesting material




Pens (optional)

Firstly, cut your tube into sections – one long central part and two small bits that will support the ends of the cracker shape. Use these sections to help you measure the size of the paper when trimming that to size. Make sure you have a good overlap!

Next up, wrap the paper around the long tube section. It’s easier to tape the paper in place temporarily at this stage. Tie the twine around one end of the paper to form one cracker end.

Now comes the fun bit – filling the tube! Make sure you use dry non-perishable treats and avoid the fluffy hamster nesting materials. For my tube, I used some forage mix, torn toilet paper, a walknut and a dog chew (don’t worry, it’s not rawhide!)

Finally, tie the remaining end. Tuck one of the short tube sections into each end to support the paper. Use your pens to decorate the tube with a reindeer face.

Give to your hamster for them to enjoy! You can either put it on the substrate or hang it using the twine.

So, how much did this cost?

I bought enough paper, twine and filling to make 30 tubes, which worked out at an overall cost of 50p per treat tube! Not bad when an unfilled one can cost £3 in a pet shop.

To cut costs, you could use plain white paper instead, and just twist it at the ends instead of using twine.

The main expenditure is for the filling, but you can choose whatever suits your hamster and your budget. Some suggestions are:

  • Uncooked dried pasta
  • Unsalted nuts (in shell or shelled)
  • Plain popcorn (no salt or flavour)
  • Seeds e.g. linseed, hemp seed, millet, budgie seed
  • Dog biscuits 
  • Dried mealworms

If you’ve made your own hamster Christmas present, come and show us on the Facebook page!

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