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Meeting the Exotic Vet

13 June, 2019

Today Sybbie did another urine test and was weighed before going to the exotic vet. She weighed 31 grams and her urine showed 4+ glucose and no ketones. Nice and stable from just before the last vet visit.

The drive to Great Western Exotics in Swindon was long and wet. We met a lovely vet who spent a long time reviewing Sybbie’s history and feeding.

Sybbie had a blood sugar reading using a drop of blood. She was such a good girl for the needle. Her level was 24.7 – over twice the amount it should be. 

We spoke about the management options and ultimately decided to try insulin injections. This isn’t a step we decided on lightly but we are hoping that we can maintain Sybbie’s quality of life. We have time because she is well at the moment to adjust the dose and see how she manages with the treatment. 

We’re waiting for the right insulin so will be starting when we have that. Until then, Sybbie is keeping with the dietary changes – and she got some extra treats when we got home!

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