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Pets at Home Hamster Parcel: A Review

Outside of the box
28 November, 2019

There’s only one month to go until Christmas! What present are you getting your hamster?

I was looking for ideas, and saw the Pets at Home Hamster Parcel on their website. Since I can’t see what’s in it, how do I know if it’s good value? Will it suit my hamster?

I thought I’d buy one and share with you what’s in there. Thankfully I have enough hamsters that I know someone will enjoy everything!

Video Review

Click here if you want to watch the video review (and see the cheeky Vectis dog!)

I had to order the box online for click-and-collect because my local store doesn’t stock them. They do home delivery too, but that carries an extra charge. The box costs £10.

The box itself is a nice plain and sturdy cardboard box. Inside there’s some green tissue paper covering the contents – two bonus hamster toys! Both of these will be enjoyed in the hamster room.

There are four things inside the box.

Item 1: Fir Cone Garland

Label price: £5
Description: This is a long piece of twine with a wooden hook tied onto each end. Threaded onto the twine are pine cones, wooden stars, sticks and two red puff balls that feel a similar texture to wood shavings (they are not made of fabric).
Thoughts: If I give this to a Syrian hamster, I expect they will quickly chew through the twine, allowing the wooden things to fall off. I did think of removing the wooden things anyway, so more hamsters can enjoy them, or to use them in a Christmassy cage theme.

Item 2: Hay and Carrot Treats

Label price: £1.50
Description: This bag of treats has two different sorts. There are orange-coloured carrot treats in the shape of Christmas trees plus round uncoloured hay treats.
Thoughts: I think these will be the most popular item in the box! My dwarf hamsters enjoy hay from time to time, so they will have the hay treats. The Syrian hamsters will get the carrot ones. I’m pleased not to see very sugary treats like yoghurt drops in this box.

Item 3: Hanging Sprout Chew

Label price: £2 (from Pets at Home website, price not attached)
Description: This is a solid sphere of wood which is painted green and with a sprout face on one side. There is a wooden hook attached.
Thoughts: I’m not sure what my hamsters will do with this! They don’t seem that keen on plain wood. It’s decorative but I suspect it will stay hanging in the cage until next Christmas (unless they chew the hook off and it gets lost in the substrate!)

Item 4: Turkey Hideaway

Label price: £6
Description: This is a lined fabric pouch in the shape of a cooked turkey. It can lie down as in the photo or stand up on its ‘bottom’.
Thoughts: Given the material it is made from, I will use this in the playbox to add variety to the surfaces and as a quiet spot. You could also use it as a snuggle sack. Personally I wouldn’t leave it in a cage full time due to risk from chewing or ingesting it.


If I had bought all the items in this £10 box, they would have cost me £14.50, so there is value for money here. Would I have bought them all individually? I’m not so sure! However I do like the turkey hideaway, even if I wouldn’t have bought it myself, and the garland and treats will be enjoyed. So the only item I’m not convinced about is the sprout thing. To be fair, the dog expressed an interest in it, so if the hamsters aren’t fans, I’ll cut the hook off and let him roll it around! Maybe your hamster likes wooden chews more than my crew does!

The Pets at Home website says they are keeping the contents of the box the same all festive season, so you now know what’s inside and whether your hamster might like it.

If this box isn’t your cup of tea, then the next blog post might be – how to make your own good value hamster gift. Check back on 12th December 2019 (or sign up to the mailing list to have it delivered straight to your inbox).

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