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My First Spayed Chinese Hamster

Hamster enrichment through substrate
8 May, 2016

This weekend has been tough – and expensive! Zuli, one of my Chinese hamster girls, was due to have her second and final litter earlier in the week. She’d grown round and then hidden away in her nest as is usual for my Chinese hamster mums. On Friday she left her nest partly open and it was obvious there were no pups, and quite a lot of blood. Zuli was bright in herself but very swollen and bleeding from her vent. I’m so thankful to have a wonderful vet surgery. They saw her and she had surgery yesterday.

I’ve had Syrian hamsters spayed for pyometra before, but never a Chinese hamster. I knew the risks were high, but I’ve seen girls with pyo before and it’s not a nice end. I knew we had to try for Zuli. I left her at the vet mostly expecting to get a call saying she hadn’t made it.

At 2pm the vet surgery called. Zuli had made it through the surgery, been spayed and was recovering well. I picked her up later that afternoon and she’s been tucked up in a hospital tank here at home.

Overnight she’s rearranged her bedding, moved her cardboard tube around and eaten her soft food. She looks well, if a little grumpy at being bothered so much more than usual! Her wound is looking good. So far so good.

I have another Chinese hamster going in for surgery next week for a cheek lump. Hopefully it’ll be less major surgery than Zuli had. It’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve had a hamster needing surgery and now two in a week!

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