On 20th June I picked up Sybbie’s prescription – a big bag with needles, syringes, sterile water, a sharps box and the insulin vial. Sybbie moved into my bedroom so she has enough space for all her luggage!

The blood sugar testing was a little stressful the first day, but has been smooth sailing after getting some top tips and a new meter that needs less blood. It also links into an app on my iPhone, recording all the readings automatically. 

By Sunday, Sybbie’s sugar level was under the level the vet set for safety so she didn’t get insulin that day. The big risk with insulin is low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) which is why I’m checking the blood sugar levels; hypoglycaemia doesn’t show on the urine test.

A Chinese hamster with the outline of the Isle of Wight behind it

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