Once upon a time a very anticipated litter of baby hamsters was born.

Both parents were carefully chosen and tested clear of diabetes. Three weeks exactly after the parents met, five pups were born. Tiny, pink and furless.

Quickly they grew and developed in the safety of the undisturbed nest. Mamma-ham raised the siblings well and at fourteen days old they opened their eyes. It was time to meet the human for the first time.

 Sybbie was the only normal (brown coloured) female in the litter. She weighed 12 grams at 2 weeks old. She was more active than her lazy brothers, but less inquisitive than her spotty sister. She liked exploring the playbox and all the different surfaces and objects.

When she was four weeks old, Sybbie weighed 21 grams. She moved into a cage with her sister. They still had time in the playbox but without their brothers. At six weeks old and weighing 23 grams, Sybbie tested negative for diabetes. Her sister left for a new home and Sybbie had to learn to live alone. Sybbie was reserved but had to wait until a hamster show to go to her new home.
At nine weeks old and still testing negative for diabetes, Sybbie travelled to a show in Dorset and on to her new home in Wiltshire.

A perfectly normal puphood. There was no clue of what was to come.

Sybbie settled into her new home well; she learned how to beg for seeds! Unfortunately, less than a week after she moved, her new owner, an experienced Chinese hamster keeper, noticed something wasn’t right on a health check. Sybbie tested positive for diabetes. Because of the poor prognosis, Sybbie came back to Vectis.

A Chinese hamster with the outline of the Isle of Wight behind it

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