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All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

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All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Black Eyed White Chinese Hamsters

A black eyed white Chinese hamster is very pretty and eye-catching!

Shortened to BEW, a black eyed white is an entirely white hamster with black eyes. There should be no markings at all; no stripe, no ticking and no spots. You can often find a single spot on one or both ears. This is considered a fault in showing and is heavily marked down.

White hamsters are prone to staining. It is best to avoid coloured foods, like dried beetroot (unless you want a black eyed pink hamster!)

A white hamster with a dark dorsal stripe was described in a 1975 scientific paper from Switzerland. The gene (Ws) was inherited in a dominant pattern. The females were fertile as normal, but the males were infertile.

White Chinese hamsters appeared sporadically in the UK since the 1980s. These occasional white Chinese hamsters did not result in reproducible white offspring.


Black Eyed White UK Milestones

UK Standard First Awarded: January 2014

First Best in Show: November 2014

First Certificate of Merit: October 2015

A line of dominant spot Chinese hamsters was developed in the Netherlands around 2006 which regularly produced black eyed whites (DsDs). Since 2009, several breeders in the UK Hamster Fancy have imported animals from this line. You can read more about the inheritance of this colour in the genetics section.

The black eyed white Chinese hamster has normal fertility and no associated health problems. In the early years they were smaller and slower to develop than their normal or dominant spot counterparts. This is no longer the case and they develop and grow well.

The black eyed white show standard was granted by the National Hamster Council in 2014. Since then there have been black eyed white Chinese hamsters winning Best in Shows and achieving Certificates of Merit. At present there has been no black eyed white Champion.

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