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All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Chinese Hamster Library

All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Entering Shows

Hamster shows are a good way to meet other people who are interested in hamsters. You can speak to breeders and exhibitors, and see the show Chinese hamsters. 

The hamster clubs (Southern, Midland and Northern) organise shows in the UK throughout the year. You can find the dates and locations of shows on the National Hamster Council website. 

Pet Class

A good place to start showing is in the pet class. The show schedule on the National Hamster Council website will tell you what time the pet class will be judged, which is usually around lunchtime, and how much it costs. You can enter on the day of the show.

Bring your Chinese hamster to the show in a secure carrier or small cage. The show secretary takes your details and gives you a label to place on your hamster’s carrier. Then you put the carrier in the pet class area ready for judging. The judge is an exhibitor or experienced club member. They assess each hamster for condition and tameness, before awarding prize cards and rosettes to the winners.

No matter where your hamster comes in the class, you always take home the best hamster in the world!

Chinese Hamster Show Classes

Southern and Midland Hamster Club Shows:

D8 Normal Chinese

D9 Dominant Spot Chinese

D10 Black Eyed White Chinese

Northern Hamster Club Shows:

D8 Chinese Normal

D9 Chinese Patterned (including BEW)

Main Show

The main show is where the hamsters are judged against the show standards.

Before the Show

You need to enter the main classes before the closing date which is usually in the week before the show. You can find information on the classes, who to send your entries to, and the deadline for entries on the show schedule.

It can seem daunting to know which classes to choose when entering your first main show. The show secretary is responsible for taking all the entries, preparing all the paperwork including writing out prize cards, issuing hire pens and taking entry money. If you are not sure how to enter, they are the person to contact.

First decide which Chinese hamsters you want to take to the show and check they are in good condition. Then you need to choose which classes to enter. You have to enter every hamster in the main show into one of the main classes in the box above. In addition, you can choose to enter one or more of the duplicates for which you/your hamster is eligible. For example, if you have bred the hamster then you can enter the breeder duplicate class.

Hamsters in the main show are entered in special standard show pens. If you do not own any, you can hire them by asking the show secretary when you enter.

At the Show

On the day of the show, arrive at the show at least 15 minutes before the benching deadline. You collect your pen labels, dog biscuits and any hired show pens from the show secretary. If you need help benching your hamster then do ask if there is an experienced exhibitor who can show you the ropes. 

 To bench your hamster, put the wood shavings in the show pen (Chinese hamsters must be shown on wood shavings and no other substrate). Then add one pieee of vegetable as a moisture source and one of the provided dog biscuits to the pen. Give your hamster a final check and place them in the pen before securing it and putting it on the show bench.

Once you have put your hamster on the show bench, you are not allowed to touch the pen or hamster. You should not identify which hamster is yours so that the judge can hear. This is so that the judging is fair for all.

When all the judging has finished, the show secretary or show manager will announce that the hamsters may be lifted from the show bench by their owners. After the tidying up, rosettes and tropies are presented.

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