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Chinese Hamster


All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Chinese Hamster Library

All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Normal Chinese Hamsters

The normal colour is the Chinese hamster’s original wild appearance. Also known as agouti, a normal Chinese hamster is brown with black eyes and a black stripe running down the back. The under surface is an off white colour.

The ideal shade is a rich mahogany brown. Too often normal Chinese hamsters are pale and lack richness in the brown colour. Sometimes they even look grey.

The normal Chinese hamster was first shown in the UK as part of GOSH (Group of Other Species of Hamster). The normal show standard was awarded by the National Hamster Council in the 1990s when the dwarf hamster species were first shown under National Hamster Council rules.

A Boring Brown Hamster?

Some people think the normal colour is a little drab when compared to the more flashy alternatives.

Not at all!

A good normal Chinese hamster with clear markings and deep colour is truly stunning.

The normal colour gets better as the hamster gets older. The richness and depth of colour improves over time. As long as the hamster stays in good condition, they can continue showing, and winning,  past the age of two.

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