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Chinese Hamster


All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Chinese Hamster Library

All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Chinese Hamster Sexing

Females have a smooth contour between the top of the back legs and the base of the tail (top photo) . In contrast, males develop a bulge in this area from 5 weeks old (bottom photo). By adulthood this is very prominent. When the male is warm, one or two small pink additional bulges may be seen (photo below).

If you worried that your male Chinese hamster was developing a tumour only to find out it was the effects of maturity, don’t be embarrassed; you’re not alone! 

The most reliable way of sexing a Chinese hamster is by looking at the underneath of the hamster. If your hamster does not appreciate being held, you can entice them into a clean jam jar or clear plastic carrier through which you can look.

When you look underneath you can see some openings.

In a female hamster, the openings are close together and there is no fur between them. A male hamster has the openings are further apart and there is fur between them. This is true even at 2 weeks old and even if the male has undescended testicles.

In females you may be able to see lines of nipples. This is easier on dominant spots than normals. Although nipples are more obvious on pregnant or nursing hamsters, even female hamsters who have never had a litter may have them visible. Absence of nipples is not a clear indicator that a hamster is male. Always check the spacing of the openings.

Rehoming Age

Chinese hamsters should be at least 5 weeks old before they are rehomed.

By this age, males and females can be clearly differentiated.

This gallery has photographs of female and male Chinese hamsters at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and as adults.

Note the narrow fur-less spacing in the females, and the much wider spacing with fur between in the males.

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