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Chinese Hamster


All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Chinese Hamster Library

All about Chinese hamsters. All in one place.

Show Standards

The show standards are a picture, in words, of how a Chinese hamster should look.

In the UK, the National Hamster Council has a Standards Committee who scruitinise proposals for new standards and monitor existing ones. Members of this Committee are judges, regular exhibitors and breeders who have an understanding of genetics.

The hamster standards are written with health in mind. The ideal head shape, for example, allows the eyes to sit well and not protrude. Size accounts for only a tenth of the marks awarded by a judge, compared to a quarter being for the body shape (or type). This weighting discourages an emphasis on being large to the detriment of the hamster

Hamsters who are considered good examples of the standard are awarded the status of Champion or Grand Champion. Click here to see Champion hamsters exhibited by Vectis Hamstery.

Structure of the Hamster

The build should be long and slender, firm but not thin. The head is set apart from the body on a short neck. The eyes should be set well apart and form an equilateral triangle with the nose. The back legs and tail are noticeably visible.

The fur should be short and dense with a smooth appearance. The feet are finely haired.

Adults should have an approximate length of: 10cm female, 12cm male.

The hamster should be fit, curious when awake and to handle. The flesh should be well toned with no surplus fat. The coat shall have a healthy sheen and be clean.

The eyes should be round and not too prominent. The ears shall be large in proportion to its head and rounded.


The top coat is brown with chestnut tinge carried approximately one third of the way down the hair. This is lightly ticked with dark brown. The base colour is slate grey.

Belly fur is off white with a slate grey undercolour.

Feet are off white. Eyes are black. Ears are dark brown with off white rims.

There is a well defined straight line from the nose over the cheeks and along the sides of the hamster. There is an even black stripe from the forehead to the tip of the tail.

Dominant Spot

The appearance is of a white animal with coloured spots or patches. The spots should be sharply defined and evenly distributed over the top surface of the animal. A concentration of colour around the spinal area is permissible.

The Belly Fur is white to the roots. Eyes are black.

Ears and markings (side and spinal stripe) are the same as for the normal hamster, but may be broken by light patches.


Black Eyed White

The coat is white to the roots, both on the top of the hamster and on the belly fur. 

Feet are white. Eyes are black. Ears are flesh coloured. 

There are no markings. Dirty or stained fur should be heavily penalised.


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