How Vectis Hamstery is responding to COVID-19

Page updated: 6pm on 30th May 2020

Vectis Hamstery is currently closed for rehoming and applications, but is making plans for re-opening in mid-June. Those on the waiting list and mailing list will be the first to find out when there is a specific date. 

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Re-Opening: Phase One

This initial phase will be to open to those driving under 30 minutes, or walking/cycling within this radius. Do not use public transport to collect your hamster.

The map below gives the approximate area that is within 30 minutes’ drive of Vectis Hamstery (Southampton, SO16). I will not be rehoming to the Isle of Wight during this first phase as travel via ferry/hovercraft is required.

chinese hamster peering through a heart shape

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you open rehoming and applications?

I hope to re-open in mid-June.

If you would like me to inform you when applications are open, please join the mailing list.

What happened to the young hamsters who were available?

Rest assured that the baby Campbell and Roborovski hamsters who were born here and have not yet been rehomed continue to be well loved.

If they are too old to be rehomed when all this is over, they will have a forever home here.

How will rehoming change when you do re-open?

When rehoming does restart, I would expect to re-open for those travelling short distances first. Collections would be strictly distanced as the Vectis human is shielding and cannot have contact with others.

For more details, click here.

Are you still offering post-rehoming support?

I am still available via email and the Facebook page to provide advice to those who have previously rehomed a Vectis hamster. You will receive a reply but it will take longer than usual; I work in the NHS and this is taking much of my energy at present.

Why are you choosing to breed during lockdown?

I need to pair some of my hamsters in order to continue the lines that I have. If I wait, the females will be too old to breed. I am being even more selective than usual in my pairings because I am aware that I could need to keep the pups longer.

How is this impacting hamster care?

Vectis Hamstery has enough food and substrate to care for the current hamsters. I usually order many supplies online due to needing bulk bags so shielding is having a limited impact on accessing provisions. Our excellent vet practice is offering remote consultations and there is a plan in place for any hamster needing to attend a face-to-face appointment.

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