How to Buy

a hamster

Helping you understand the rehoming process

How to Buy a Hamster

Helping you understand the rehoming process

Vectis Hamstery is closed to rehoming (including applications) due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Rest assured that the babies who were born here and have not yet been rehomed continue to be well loved. Thanks to the Facebook page followers they are getting names so they feel more at home until they are able to leave! If they are too old to be rehomed when all this is over, they will have a forever home here.

To keep getting your hamster fix, check out the blog. You can sign up to the Vectis Hamstery mailing list to get updates on when rehoming reopens.

Check for Available Hamsters

You may find a hamster ready for rehoming. Information about all available pups can be found here.

Get an Application Form

If you want an available hamster or to join the waiting list, ask for a form. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 weeks.

Watch the Waiting List

When you are on the waiting list, you will receive a reference number. Click here to check where you are on the list.

Follow the Updates

Announcements of new litters are made on my Facebook page. When a hamster is available, you will get an offer email.

Collect Your Hamster

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about hamster collection, including the top one ‘Do You Deliver?’


Southampton, Hampshire, UK


Species Bred

Chinese, Syrian and Roborovski hamsters


Rehoming Pack Contents


Birth certificate

Care booklet

Rehoming agreement

Socialisation plan

Transition food


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are popular questions about how to buy your new hamster from Vectis

Do you deliver?

You will need to collect your new hamster from Southampton or, by mutual agreement, from a hamster show.

Delivery or use of a courier service is not available.

Are the hamsters 'tame'?

Young hamsters are carefully reared and follow an evidence-based socialisation plan. This introduces them to the noises, scents and environments they are likely to experience during their lives.

They are regularly and respectfully handled. Any hamsters who do not respond well to handling are further evaluated. If they are unlikely to make good pets, they are not offered for rehoming; they remain here at Vectis for their lifetime.

Do I need to bring a carrier?

You are encouraged to bring a secure carrier to collect your hamster. If you forget or do not have one, a plastic rehoming box can be provided.

Cardboard carriers are not secure because a determined hamster can chew a hole before you reach home!

Can I choose my own hamster?

Vectis works hard to match the right hamster with the right home.

You may be able to choose your hamster from a selection in the litter, or you may only have one hamster offered to you.

The offer email will state what is available to you. If you are not clear, please ask.

Can I visit the hamster room?

When you collect your hamster from Vectis, you can look from the doorway into the hamster room. You may not enter the hamster room or handle the hamsters who are not available for rehoming.

There are two reasons for this.

It minimises disturbance to the hamstery where there may be mothers with young litters. It is also part of the quarantine measures because it reduces the potential to introduce pathogens, for example on footwear or clothing.

You can take a virtual tour here.

What ongoing support do you offer?

Throughout your hamster’s life, you can contact Vectis Hamstery if you need advice. 

You can make contact through email, the Facebook page, or the contact section on this website.

It is helpful if you can include your hamster’s litter name or date of birth, though this is not essential.

What happens if I can't keep my hamster?

If you are no longer able to keep your hamster, please contact Vectis Hamstery as soon as possible.

Vectis Hamstery will offer no judgement, but will welcome your hamster back here. This applies no matter the age or health of the hamster. All Vectis hamsters are welcome to return although very few have!

No Vectis hamster should ever find itself on Preloved or in a rescue.

Right from the start he was such a loving and gentle boy and really started off my show career. James lived a lovely long life and I am grateful to Vectis for letting me own such a wonderful hamster.

Owner of James

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Follow the Hamsters

A Chinese hamster with the outline of the Isle of Wight behind it

Closed for Rehoming Enquiries!

Vectis Hamstery will not be accepting any rehoming enquiries during the coronavirus outbreak. 


Stay Home. Protect Our NHS. Save Lives.


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